The Apple Barn Spa

Take a moment to pause and allow your mind, body and spirit to connect and create an unforgettable moment in time. From May 2019 our guests can enjoy a range of holistic massages accompanied by the healing power of aromatherapy in this cosily converted outbuilding, formerly used to store fruit from the garden. After your treatment enjoy a herbal garden infusion, a relaxing swim and continue your holistic journey with some restorative Hydrotherapy in our Eco Hot Tub. Our eco hot tub is available FRI,SAT AND SUN between 4pm-10pm and for guests enjoying a spa treatment for 2hours after your treatment at a discounted rate. Outside of these hours the hot tub can be booked for a 2hr session at 25euros per session and booking must be made 24hrs in advance. Take a look at our treatments and book yourself in for some relaxation time.

Treatment Menu

  • Aromatherapy Deep Relax And Restorative Massage

We tailor this massage to make it truly unique and personal to you, using 100% natural and organic aromatherapy oils completely relaxing your body and mind. Discover the magic of natural healing and the seduction of scent with a bespoke blend of 100% organic and natural oils created especially for you at the start of your massage ritual. This massage also includes an acupressure head massage.

60mins 65 Euros

90mins 95Euros

  • Aromatherapy Bespoke Face, Head, Hands and Feet massage

    An indulgent and relaxing massage that will leave you feeling balanced, revitalised and glowing from head to toe. Focusing on pressure points to relieve tension, improve circulation and tone the complexion, this massage aims to soothe headaches, tension, sinus problems and stress related symptoms.


    Choose from three organic 100% natural aromatherapy blends

    Anti Aging : oregano, rose, frankincense,

    New Glow : Lemon, Carrot seed oil, lavender, ylang ylang,

    Detox  grapefruit, peppermint, juniper, melissa


    60mins 65 Euros
  • Swedish Massage (Ease Aches And Pains)

    Suitable for those with a lot of tension or if you have circulatory problems. A deeply relaxing massage that uses long strokes, kneading, circular movements and tapping to help relax and energise. Swedish massage is a good form to start with, if you haven’t had a massage before, aiming to improve circulation and stimulate the skin and nervous system, thus reducing emotional and physical stress. It is also good for relieving aches and pains. A mild non fragrant natural oil is used … or add a natural 100% organic and natural aromatherapy blend:


    Sports blend : Peppermint, Sandalwood and Eucalyptus.

    Relaxing blend : Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Lavender.


    60mins 65 Euros


  • Reflexology And Foot Massage 

    Reflexology is a holistic and healing treatment with ancient origins. Pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet in order to restore harmony and energy flow throughout body and mind. Reflexology is deeply relaxing, promoting wellness and the prevention of dis-ease.


    60mins 65 Euros


  • Indian Head Massage 45 minutes

    The people of India have practised head massage as part of everyday wellbeing for generations. Acupressure is used to encourage the flow of healing energy to relieve stress and anxiety, and promote positive feelings. 100% organic and natural coconut oil is used which can be left in the hair for a while to provide a rich conditioning treatment.


    45mins 45 Euros

  • TuiNa Massage

    TuiNa (pronounced ‘twee-nah’) was developed in China over 2,000 years ago and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), massaging into acupoints and along meridian lines. TuiNa massage is very effective at relieving chronic physical pain, but it’s impossible to treat a specific condition with TuiNa without improving the overall Qi status of the body. This massage aims to balance your whole being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – not just the symptom most obviously bothering you – it is truly holistic.

    Please wear light cotton clothing for this massage.

    60mins 65 Euros

    90mins 95Euros


    All holistic spa guests can enjoy a rehydrating garden herb infusion post treatment and have access to the eco hot tub.