The Apple Barn Spa

Take a moment to pause and allow your mind, body and spirit to connect and create an unforgettable moment in time. Enjoy a range of holistic massages accompanied by the healing power of aromatherapy in this cosily converted outbuilding, formerly used to store fruit from the garden. After your treatment enjoy a herbal garden infusion, a relaxing swim and continue your holistic spa journey with some restorative Hydrotherapy in our Eco Hot Tub. 

Take a look at our spa treatments below and book yourself in for some relaxation time.

Spa Treatment Menu


Essential Oil Deep Relax Massage

Using high quality organic essential oils, made locally in small batches from wild flowers and herbs. We believe these oils to harbour extra special properties harnessing both the energy and beauty of the region. This gentle and enveloping massage with essential oils will take your body and mind deep into relaxation.
A custom aromatic massage adapted to your specific needs will relax your body, soothe your muscles and quieten the mind.
Crystals and semi precious stones complement the soothing properties of the massage.
This beautiful massage, harnessing natural energies and oils from the South west terroir is a unique moment of relaxation and letting go …  Enjoy a garden flower and herb tisane after your session in the tranquility of the garden.

65 Euros


Amma Sitting and Kansu bowl Foot Massage

The Amma Assis massage is a precise sequence composed of pressures, stretching, percussion, sweeps which aim to relieve tension and relax back, shoulders, arms, hands, head and neck.
Working on the meridians helps stimulate energy circulation throughout the body.
The Amma will be followed by an Indian foot massage in the Kansu bowl (small Indian copper bowl). A traditional and family massage of India, it touches the reflex points of the body, it balances, calms the fire (Agni) These 2 massages work together, in synergy to rebalance the energies.
Enjoy a garden flower and herb tisane after your session in the tranquility of the garden.


65 Euros  

60 mins



A  beautiful way to unwind, ease aching muscls and relax your mind. Hot tubs have been used for centuries, known for numerous health benefits and therapeutic qualities  The crackle of the wood fire and soothing sensation of deep hot water guarantees a unique and relaxing experience
Our wood fired hot tub, nestled amongst trees has a soundscape of bird song and back drop of our wild meadow. Heated naturally heated to between 32-42degrees. Use like a sauna and take a dip in the pool inbetween or relax on a nearby hammock. Float back into Hydrotheraphy heaven and discover a better nights sleep. Perfect after a massage in The Apple Barn Treatment Room or a yoga session.

35 Euros

90 Mins

(Reduced rate if booked with a massage or yoga 25 Euros.   

Free session for guests booking two massages)



Individual Hatha Yoga

Yoga practised in nature is one of lifes simple luxuries! Join our gentle yoga practioner in a quiet shady spot in the garden where she will guide you through a quiet moment of moving meditation…yoga.
Hatha Yoga is a millennial practice that expresses the re-union of body and mind, bringing you to a calming, fluid flow of energy in your body and mind.

The individual Hatha Yoga session takes place in 3 phases:
Asanas (postures)
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Dhyana (relaxation, meditation)

The practice adjusts to your needs, your feelings,
Both dynamic and gentle, Hatha Yoga is practiced in a spirit of acceptance of what is.
“Sthirasukham asana“ (asana: to be firmly established in a happy space)
Enjoy a garden flower and herb tisane after your session in the tranquility of the garden. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

50 Euros  

60 min class


Please note 24hrs minimum notice for any of our treatments, yoga or hot tub, Please book at reception or send us an email with your preferred treatment, day and time