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By Artur Yusupov

ISBN-10: 1906552266

ISBN-13: 9781906552268

Well known grandmaster Artur Yusupov completes his process chess development. quantity 1, the basics, confirmed membership gamers the fundamental rules they need to understand; quantity 2, past the fundamentals, trigger at the street to chess mastery, and now in quantity three we arrive at our ultimate vacation spot. Yusupov publications the reader utilizing conscientiously chosen positions and suggestion. This new knowing is then proven by way of a chain of puzzles.

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0-0 Rhe8 is miserable for White since all his pieces are bad, and ... Bd3 is a strong threat. Nfl! Qe1 0-0 and white's in bad shape) 12 ... Qxe2 Bd3) 13 ... h4, we find that we were following the game B. Savchenko - K. Asrian, Moscow 2007. Now 15 ... cxd5 Re8) 16 ... Qxe2 Bd3 winning material. What was the point of this example? These color-coded players are representations of three real human types: Mr. Metallic In an age where every serious player has a powerful chess engine, I've watched a chess pandemic appear that's unlike anything that's ever been seen before: While following live grandmaster games, the masses of chess fans all suffer from a shared chess psychosis-they think they know exactly what's going on.

A safe square that can't easily be challenged by a hostile pawn). Since they are short-range pieces, having access to such a square is a huge part of proper Knight strategy. ::::> Knights gain in strength as they move further up the board. As a rule of thumb: o A Knight stuck on the 1st or 2nd ranks is a defensive piece and is inferior to a healthy Bishop (a diseased Bishop is quite another matter). o A Knight on the 3rd rank is a flexible workhorse and can be used for defense or attack at a moment's notice.

Here a Knight transforms from horse to Octopus, its many appendages spiking out in all directions and claiming enemy territory as its own. Such a Knight is, at times, stronger than a Rook. o A Knight on the 7th and 8th ranks gives us a case of diminishing returns. Once past the 6th, it no longer controls as many squares since its reach runs out of board. Usually a Knight on such an advanced rank is performing some sort of tactical or search and destroy operation. ::::> Knights are the best blockaders of enemy passed pawns.

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