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By Chris Henry

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This identify is the 1st of 2 volumes reading the artillery apparatus of the British forces through the progressive and Napoleonic Wars, besides Wellington's campaigns in India. all through this era the British military used either Foot and Horse artillery, mostly utilizing both the 9-pounder gun or the 5.5 inch box howitzer within the box. additionally lined are the smaller box weapons within the three- and 6-pounder different types and the biggest, the 12-pounder box gun. This identify covers the layout and improvement of the weapons, the employer of the troops and their operational histories.

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With a flintlock, fire off a pan of priming powder down range before loading. To load, remove the ball from the cartridge tube and, keeping the muzzle away from your face, pour the powder charge out of the tube down the muzzle. Grasp the ball between thumb and forefinger and then insert it in the muzzle in a sliding motion, making sure to keep the fingers from directly crossing the muzzle. Take the ramrod between thumb and forefinger and ram the ball down on top of the powder charge. Then raise the musket to the "ready" position, at waist level with muzzle pointing safely down range, thumb the hammer to half cock and place a musket cap over the nipple.

69-caliber smoothbore muskets and a quantity of buck-and-ball ammunition left scattered around their position. " 15 As the soldiers of the Twelfth New Jersey and Sixty-ninth Pennsylvania discovered, a distinct advantage of the smoothbore musket was its ability to, within range limitations, handle a variety of loads tailored to a specific situation. 64-caliber musket balls which were used to fill artillery spherical case shells. Newly recruited volunteers of the Tenth Minnesota Infantry defending Fort Ridgely, Minnesota from attacking Sioux warriors in 1862 ran out of fixed ammunition for their smoothbore muskets.

18 At close range, in a quick fight, shotguns were quite effective. Cornered Missouri guerrillas under William C. 19 Some commanders specified shotguns for their commands. Benjamin F. Terry, a Texan who raised "Terry's Texas Rangers" in 1861, advised his recruiting officers to recruit men who could furnish a shotgun and pair of revolvers each. Recruits could either sell their arms to the Confederate government or lease them to the government for one dollar a month. More from availability than desire, Rebel infantrymen involved in a fight at Ivy Mountain, Kentucky in 1861 were armed almost entirely with shotguns and squirrel rifles.

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