Steven J. Zaloga's Blitzkrieg. Armour Camouflage and Markings, 1939-1940 PDF

By Steven J. Zaloga

This publication examines the camouflage portray and insignia used on armoured automobiles of the combatant powers in the course of the campaigns at the start of the struggle in Europe in 1939 and 1940. because it is aimed basically on the severe ancient modeller, numerous technical issues may be mentioned. It has lengthy been permitted dogma within the pastime group reproduction might be entire in exactly an identical coloration of paint that was once used on ihe unique car. This turns out logical adequate, and has ended in proliferation of paint chips, genuine color mixes etc. regrettably, it ignores the $64000 measurement distinction among a true tank and a 1/76 or 1/35 scale reproduction and the ensuing visible discrepancy. The conception of color via the human eye varies among huge and small items: a duplicate, if painted in just an analogous coloration because the enormous unique, will seem to be relatively darker. to check this your self, for those who subsequent stopover at a military exhibition, take with you a color chip of the present camouflage color. when you stand approximately 100 ft clear of a automobile freshly painted within the comparable color because the chip, you will see that the small chip appears to be like darker than the automobile. position the chip at the car, and they'll fit. The complicated purposes for this discrepancy were handled in additional element in a couple of articles, specially Ian Huntley's *A query of Scale Colour*.

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The Fu 4 radio set was a medium wavelengtJl receiver operating in the same frequency band. 4 Mhz frequency band. 33 The Panzcrbeobachtungswagen Panther never went into produClion. As recorded for 31 March 1944 in the war diary of the General der Artillerie OKH, General Lindemann, the issue of Panzers to the artillery had encountered major obstacles. General Thomale (under General Guderian in the Generalinspekteur der Panzeru·uppen) emphasised that the artillery would not obtain Panthers. The General der Artillelie OKl-l had bliefed the Organizations-Abteilung on the situation, but they were not able to reverse the decision to obtain Panther chassis or components for the artillery.

However, the requirement for allround traverse was absolutely necessary and this proposal was rejected. 18/Panther' dated 21 september 1944. 8 em K44 auf Panther' dated 21 September 1944. (Hilary Louis Doyle) o COPYRIGHT HltARY LOUIS DOYlE , llt5 off on specifications for dismounting and all-round u-averse, and wait to see whether a solution would be found for mounting the schwere PanzerHaubitzen auf Panzer 38 (t) componenlS in the near future. ,u, Hannover. A report on the development emergency programme dated 20 February 1945 consisted of two lislS of inventions that could be progressed.

It was captured by the US Forces and shipped to Aberdeen Proving Ground where it is still on display. This particular Jagdpanther still had the small diameter idlerwheel. It was also one of a small series which had the fighting compartment exhaust fan mounted over the main gun. The camouflage pattem was applied at the factory and only partially covered the base coat of primer rot RAL 8012 (red). Well thinned dunkelgelb RAL 7028 (tan) was painted in vertical stripes, fianked by stripes of thinned weiss RAL 9002 (wh~e).

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