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By David P Clark; Nanette J Pazdernik

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For example, when rhinovirus invades, the victim ends up with a runny nose and other cold symptoms and usually feels miserable for a few days. However, viruses do cause a significant number of serious diseases, such as AIDS, smallpox, hepatitis, or the recently identified Ebola. 22 22 Arabidopsis thaliana The plant most used as a model for molecular biology research is A. thaliana, a member of the mustard family (Brassicaceae). Courtesy of Dr. Jeremy Burgess, Science Photo Library. When viruses invade bacteria, the infected bacteria usually die.

E. All of the above answers are correct. 6. Plasmids from bacteria can be described by which of the following statements? a. Plasmids provide an advantage to the host bacterium to compete against non-plasmid-containing bacteria for nutrients. b. Plasmids are used as a molecular biology tool to express other genes efficiently in the host bacterium. c. Plasmids are extrachromosomal segments of DNA that carry several genes beneficial to the host organism. d. Plasmids have their own origin of replication.

Notice how the transposon itself does not replicate. It tricks the host into making the replica. Transposon movement can cause problems for the host. When the transposon moves, there is a potential for insertions, deletions, and inversions in the host DNA. If two copies of a transposon are found on a plasmid and the target sequence is on the host chromosome, a segment of the plasmid (flanked by the transposons) may be inserted into the host DNA. More generally, when multiple transposons are near each other, the ends of two neighboring but separate transposons may be used for transposition.

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