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By Hans-Jürgen Rehm

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1976), The reliability of instrumentation, Chem. Ind. (9,195-205. LEHN, J. M. (1988), Supramolekulare Chemie Molekiile, Ubermolekiile und molekulare Funktionseinheiten, Angew. Chem. 100, 91-1 16. , VACEK,V. (1986), Recommended procedure for the measurement of the volumetric mass transfer coefficient kLa in aerated agitated vessels. Report of a Working Party on Mixing of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Prague. , BENES,P. (1987), A critical review and experimental verification of the correct use of the dynamic method for the determination of oxygen transfer in aerated agitated vessels to water, electrolyte solutions and viscous liquids, Chem.

191364. Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer Verlag. SCHUGERL,K. (1986), Foam formation, foam sup- 25 pression, and the effect of foam on growth, Process Biochem. (August) 122-123. SCHUMPE,A. ) Vol. 2, pp. 159-170. Weinheim-Deerfield Beach, Florida-Basel: VCH Verlagsgesellschaft. SHIOYA,S. (1988), Measurement of biological reaction rates using advanced pH control, in: Fourth Int. Congr. Computer Applications in Fermentation Technology, IFAC, Sept. 25-29, University of Cambridge, UK (FISH, N. , Fox, R.

Then the differential equation can be integrated analytically to yield: (37) 35 Lnll-CI Time tl t2 t 3 Fig. 3. Approximate method to determine KLa (RUCHTIet al.. 1985). Usually deoxygenation is accomplished with nitrogen so that the initial gas phase consists of nitrogen, which is gradually displaced and mixed with air. Under these conditions C, is not constant and the gas balance must be employed to calculate CGlversus t. Since CLl is measured with a membrane-covered oxygen electrode, the dynamics of the method of measurement cannot usually be neglected.

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