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By Charles Blinderman

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The vocabulary of biology is made more straightforward via figuring out the meanings of components that make up entire phrases. English maintains to undertake phrases from overseas languages and to construct its vocabulary via inventing new phrases from outdated parts. many of the phrases getting into English each year live in technical vocabularies and figuring out what the weather suggest prepares scientific scholars and physicians, the practitioner of any  Read more...

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Biolexicon 30 adyseuhyperhypotachy + pnea + + + + + apnea, no breath dyspnea, disordered breathing good breathing irregular high breathing irregular low or shallow breathing irregular fast breathing From a different and apparently non-echoic IE source comes Gk. , pulmonary. Retch, scream, cricket, and raven have been traced back to IE echoic ker, one of six homophonic reconstructions ker. This one, imitative of a bird's cry or the vibratory sound of human vocal cords, led through Germanic to E.

Pilose L. pil means hair, -ose, full of, therefore: hairy. The base is in caterpillar, lit. a hairy cat. Treating biological terms through etymological analysis in the context of what people have thought about themselves and about the world they inhabit has advantages. This approach can provide pleasant thrills of recognition or surprise and some harmless fun. It may even be of use in guiding us to a more precise use of words. I'll illustrate this by referring to a cluster of words that have hidden bites to them, as bite itself does in the phrase a bitirig remark.

Adaptation, for terminal forgetfulness, or death. 44 Biolexicon Hercules beetle, a coleopteran lethe leth a- antiLethacea + -al + argy + argus + argo + genic + iferous + mania + leth + -ia + leth + argic amnesia fatal drowsiness sleeping sickness productive of drowsiness bearing drowsiness or death, as of lethal medication lethomania, narcotic addition alethia, inability to forget pert. to overcoming drowsiness family of viruses causing plant disease The L. base morph refers to sleep and form; its deification is Morpheus, god of sleep and of form.

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