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By John Nunn

ISBN-10: 0713478446

ISBN-13: 9780713478440

This 3rd version is geared toward membership and match chess gamers and offers rules to beat Black's most up-to-date counter-attacking ploys within the ever-changing Sicilian Defence.

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E7 25 g7! te6+! ':xe6 27 gxh7+ 'iPh8 28 ':g8+ "xg8 29 hxg8"+ 'iPxg8 30 "xe6+ and White is winning .. te3looks quite promising and 14 "f3 also merits some attention as after 14 ... txe5 (D) and Black has seνeral tries: 4a) 15... tg2! ':'a7 (after 16 ... td4':'c719 'iPbl and White is much better. td6! txd6 (or 16... txf8"xa2 19 bxc3 and White can follow υρ with "c4) 17 ':xd6 b418lΔe4! with a clear adνantage for White. tb7 16 ':h3 b4 17 ':'hd3! td5! (18 ... tb5? 19 ':'xd7! txf6 21 gxf6 and the threat of"d2-h6 is decisiνe) 19 ':'xd5 exd5 20 ':xd5 is νery unclear.

E7 (15 ... h7 16 Wh510ses a piece while 15 ... ιΧb7 with a clear advanιage. ιg2 This move was the result of lengthy thought, but even so ίι wasn't the best. e5 is obscure. ιe3 Wg4 17 Φrι, but both kings are 00happily placed and Ι wanted ιο find something safer. When confronted with an unexpected move ίη the opening, players usually react by steering clear of very sharp lines which may have been well prepared by the opponent. ιe3 is bad due Ιο 12 ... ibde5 threatening ... c4 (13 We2 ltJxd4 10ses a pawn).

Quickly as possible, while the f1bishop and h 1-rook are left at home because ίι is ηοΙ yet clear which squares are best for these pieces. Αι e2 the queen sets υρ tactical chances down the e-file and avoids attack from a black knight arriving at c4. 10 'itΊι5 can also be considered ίη this position, the one example I've seen being the quickplay game Κhalif­ man-Machulsky, Moscow Tal mem 1992, which continued 1O ... b7 (l2 ... b4 looks like a more critical test) 13 ~h3lL:ιc5 14 ':'hel b4 15lL:ιd5 exd5 16 exd5+ Φd8 17 ~xc5 ~c8 (or 17 ...

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