New PDF release: Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena

By C. W. Leadbeater

ISBN-10: 1564596745

ISBN-13: 9781564596741

Partial Contents: surroundings: seven subdivisions, levels of materiality, features of astral imaginative and prescient, the charisma, etheric double, files of astral gentle; population: human, the adept or chela, psychically built individual, black magician, the lifeless, traditional individual after dying, the shell, the suicide, sufferer of unexpected demise, black magician after loss of life; Nature Spirits; Elementals shaped consciously; Phenomena: churchyard ghosts; apparitions of the demise, haunted localities, bell ringing, fairies, speaking entities, clairvoyance, precipitation of letters, transmutation, repercussion.

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3 it must draw round itself the matter of that plane, and we shall then have, say, an atom whose body or outer covering consists of the matter of plane No. 3. The force energizing in it—its soul, so to speak—will however not be spirit in the condition in which it was on plane No. 1, but will be that divine force plus the veil of the matter of plane No. 2. When a still further descent is made to plane No. 4, the atom becomes still more complex, for it will then have a body of No. 4 matter, ensouled by spirit already twice veiled—in the matter of planes 2 and 3.

No doubt as the evolution of humanity proceeds, and an ever-increasing proportion enters upon the Path of Holiness, this class will become more numerous. 3. The Ordinary Person after death. Needless to say this class is millions of times larger than those of which we have spoken, and the character and condition of its members vary within extremely wide limits. Within similarly wide limits may vary also the length of their lives upon the astral plane, for while there are those who pass only a few days or hours there, others remain upon this level for many years and even centuries.

Here it is that the churches and schools and "dwellings in the summerland," so often described at spiritualistic seances, are to be found; though they would often seem much less real and much less magnificent to an unprejudiced living observer than they are to their delighted creators. The second sub-plane seems especially the habitat of the selfish or unspiritual religionist; here he wears his golden crown and worships his own grossly material representation of the particular deity of his country and time.

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