New PDF release: Assessing Ecological Risks of Biotechnology

By Author Unknown, Lev R. Ginzburg

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Analyses of ecological probability overview for biotechnology as considered predominantly through scientists doing learn during this zone. The emphasis is on ecological dangers linked to the discharge of genetically-engineered organisms within the surroundings

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Such genetically based host shifts are especially worrisome in biological control of weeds, because a new host race of an introduced agent could easily become a pest. ) in northern California may be a case in point. ) has in recent years become somewhat of a pest on a congeneric plant, H. S. Koehler, personal communication). Observations by Andres (1985) suggest that this is the result of the evolution of a new host race of Chrysolina. If so, this would represent a kind of "delayed" environmental impact of an introduced species.

Afr. 41, 161-188. P. (1975) Can. Entomol. 107, 225-236. P. (1987) DSIR Bull. no. 242, Wellington, NZ. Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control (CIBC) (1971) Biological Control Programmes Against Insects and Weeds in Canada, 1959-1968. CIBC Tech. Comm. 4, 1-226. S. (1984) Pac. Sci. 38, 97-104. , ed. (1978) Introduced Parasites and Predators of Arthropod Pests and Weeds: A World Review, USDA Agric. Hdbk. 480, 1-545. , ed. (1985) A Review of Biological Control of Pests in the Commonwealth Caribbean and Bermuda up to 1982, CIBC Tech.

44 Surface Transport of Microorganisms by Water of the soil. As an extreme example, a light rain on a sandy soil may produce no runoff. In many situations, at least a centimeter of rain must fall before runoff will begin. There have been few modeling efforts that take into account some of the many parameters influencing the rainfall-runoff relationship. In a publication entitled Hydrologic Modeling of Small Watersheds, just one of the 13 chapters addresses "Modeling the Quality of Water from Agricultural Land" (Haan et al.

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