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By Miles Hudson

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The assassination of political, spiritual and army leaders, usually dictators, is usually noticeable because the brief lower to fixing a specific challenge. the writer takes factor with this argument. analyzing a sequence of associated assassinations including their factors and results, he seeks to illustrate that during many circumstances the killings have produced unexpected and unintentional outcomes that each one too frequently lead to the other end result to that wanted.

His case stories, prepared intriguingly in pairs, disguise such different characters as Julius Caesar and Thomas a' Becket, Gandhi and Jesus Christ, Tsar Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln, Michael Collins and box Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, and Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

This is an soaking up, arguable and informative examine.

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Again, Gandhi, appalled by the evil he seemed to have Assassination_Layout 1 14/08/2010 16:01 Page 38 38 Assassination unleashed, called off his campaign of civil disobedience. However, he was arrested and tried for sedition on 18 March 1922 before Mr Justice Broomfield, an event which will be examined shortly. During the rest of the period between his trial and the achievement of independence, Gandhi’s relations with Congress and its leaders varied between titular leadership of it and sometimes bitter dispute.

As he was preaching to a multitude he was told that his brothers and his mother were waiting and wished to see him. ’ And he looked about him and said, ‘Behold my mother and my brethren. 17 * * * Assassination_Layout 1 14/08/2010 16:01 Page 37 Mahatma Gandhi / Jesus Christ 37 This is not the place to sift through the many twists and turns of Gandhi’s life between his arrival in India and the achievement of independence on 15 August 1948. However, there are two aspects of his life during this period which would repay a little examination.

He replied that he could not imagine why this was so as the king had worn enough clothes for both of them. On top of all this he fashioned for himself a distinctive lifestyle, dwelling in his own hermitage, or ashram, where he, some of his family and friends (shortly to be his disciples) lived a simple existence, sharing all the chores including, controversially, the removal of the night soil. He maintained this regime for the rest of his life. He kept and even increased his very strict regime of vegetarianism, refusing to eat eggs or any product of the cow, and he was very sceptical about medical science, preferring his own remedies of mud baths, enemas and meditation.

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