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Though he is Stanley’s professional caretaker for decades, his own sexual behavior is out of control (though it may not be considered deviant in the way Stanley’s is). Having impregnated his young, nearly illiterate bride in New York, O’Kane moves with Stanley and his medical entourage to Riven Rock, a rehabilitation estate in California, partly to escape his marital and paternal duties. He seduces an Italian kitchen worker and is responsible for fathering three of her children, though he never divorces his wife back east, nor does he provide any support for their son.

And then, for no reason I can think of, I can’t help adding, ‘And I’m a human being’” (p. 271). Ty’s humanity comes only after he has fully experienced loss and grief and moved to a stable acceptance of himself and his place in the cycles of nature, having realized the futility of attempting to control them. Boyle may believe that the radical environmental movement acts in service of a noble cause, but he is more than a little wary of it. Not only is the earth in serious decline despite all of Ty’s efforts to save it, but there is the sense that he and his fellow conspirators might actually be making things worse.

Ty and a number of aging radicals set up a preserve dedicated to the survival of some of these species only to be attacked by a captive lion. Ty clings to his vision of a purer postapocalyptic future: “A comet would hit. The plague, mutated beyond all recognition, would come back to scour the land. Fire and ice. The final solution. And in all these scenarios, Ty Tierwater would miraculously survive—and his wife and daughter and a few others who respected the earth—and they would build the new uncivilized The Drop City portion of the novel has a huge cast, but most prominent among them are two drifting flower children who have renamed 30 T.

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