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By Mike Spick

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Makes a pleasant present for an aviation or a chilly battle fanatic.

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But the war left behind a military and scientific revolution. It took the form, first, of a frantic effort in Italy to invent a new -73form of fortification that would defeat cannons. Their minds set right by their near death at the hands of cannons, city-states hired the best scientific and engineering talent for the task, which was to result in an entirely new approach, known as trace Italienne. It built on the idea of a lot of dirt as a defense: a symmetrical, polygonal fortress with low walls that were sloped (somebody figured out that a sloped object better resists any force moving against it, the idea behind the modern concept of slo ped design to overcome wind resistance).

To the distress of defenders, pouring water on the flames seemed only to spread them farther. e. the Byzantines were desperate for a weapon that would protect Constantinople, a port city, from attack by sea. The Byzantine navy was weak, so there was a critical need for some kind of weapon that would destroy invasion fleets and deter any landward attack. The Greek scientists decided that a fire weapon would be especially effective against wooden ships, but a careful look at the “fire weapon” of a thousand years before instantly revealed its limitations.

The notebooks were filled with a sense of foreboding and conflict, presaging modern science's web of guilt and responsibility. He often called war “pazzia bestialissima” (bestial insanity), but sketched designs for weapons and devices that would make it even more bestial. ) Despite his uneasiness, da Vinci later: would work as a military engineer when he left Milan and went on to Venice, where he was hired by the city-state's government-run arsenal, and where, among other things, he developed new ways to cast cannons.

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