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By Judith S. Baughman, Victor Bondi, Vincent Tompkins

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Despite such gloomy conclusions artists continued to offer overtly social and political commentary in disturbing works that managed to offend some members of the public. " Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York City took on the art world in 1999, when he tried to close down an exhibit of modern British art at the Brooklyn Museum, which included a painting that he and members of the local Catholic hierarchy considered offensive and sacrilegious. The definition of art became increasingly blurred in the 1990s, as some artists began to employ THE ARTS computer terminals and internet modems to create original art works.

26 Nov. A Tokyo court refuses to compensate former British prisoners of war for Japanese mistreatment during World War II. 22 28 Nov. Israeli forces bombard Hizballuh positions in southern Lebanon following the death of seven Israeli soldiers in an ambush. 9 Dec. Ruth Dreifuss is elected the first woman president of Switzerland. 16-20 Dec. S. N. weapons inspectors. AMERICAN DECADES: 1990-1999 WORLD EVENTS 17 Dec. 1999 A high court in Britain rescinds the 25 November ruling enabling extradition of Pinochet because of a judge's links to Amnesty International.

13 Aug. 25 billion) to victims of the Holocaust, whose assets had been plundered by the Nazis. 15 Aug. An IRA car bomb kills twenty-eight and injures two hundred in Omagh, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. 20 Aug. The United States launches cruise missiles on suspected terrorist bases in Afghanistan and on a chemical weapons facility in Sudan in retaliation for the 7 August attacks on its embassies in East Africa. 24 Aug. The British and American governments offer to hold a trial in the Netherlands for the two Libyans accused of bombing a Pan Am airplane over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988; however, the men must be tried under Scottish law, 4 Sept.

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