American Civil War Artillery 1861-65: Field Artillery - download pdf or read online

By Philip Katcher

ISBN-10: 1841762180

ISBN-13: 9781841762180

Might be the main influential arm of both military within the prosecution of the yankee Civil struggle, the artillery of each side became hugely expert firms, centralizing their artillery, organizing artillery battalions from person batteries and giving their commanders better ranks than box artillerymen had formerly held. In conflict, the creation of the 12-pdr. Napoleon , heavily by means of rifled cannon, supplied a spread and tool formerly unknown on American soil. This booklet info this very important cog within the war-machine of each side. New leading edge 38 and forty also are to be had in one quantity detailed variation as ‘American Civil warfare Artillery 1861-65’.

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Only 17 Panzerbefehlswagen IV were created as new production AusfJ in August and September 1944. IV from March to July 1944. lII). IV, together with a commander's cupola from the Sturmgeschiitz, was usable as an armoured observation vehicle. IV was to be completed by the end ofJanuary 1944. IV. IV. J. Fgst. Nr. 92220 was assembled by Nibelungenwerk in September 1944. This tank was completed as a new command vehicle. The turret antenna was mounted in the blanked-off opening for the Nahverteidigungswaffe.

1 observation periscope could be extended through a pivotable mount in the turret roof. Other equipment was installed to aid the artillery observer, including an Orterkompass and Nachdreheinrichtung (plotting boards). 4 MHz). The co-axial machine gun and its mount were removed to make room for the radio sets in the turret. Power for the radio sets was provided by a GG400 electrical generator set installed in the left rear corner of the fighting compartment. J. Nr. 92301 in September 1944 a completely new design of side Schurzen made from wiremesh was introduced.

The Panzer-Kompanie counter-attacked Jelnja, which was surrounded and taken under heavy fire by all of our Panzers. The Russian forward elements pulled back and most of the houses in the village went up in flames. It was observed that two T-34s drove off in reverse out of burning sheds. 'As dawn broke, the Russians renewed the attack with tank and infantry forces. The tanks were immediately spotted and two T-34s on the road were knocked out at a range of about 300 metres. The rest of the tanks must have quickly retreated, as determined by the noise from their engines.

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