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America and Rogue States narrates and analyzes the U.S. dating with the most nuclear-threatening, terrorist-sponsoring outcast states over the last decades.

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The Baghdad province sat in the country’s midsection and held its eponymous capital. In this middle swath live the Sunni Arabs, who comprised over 20 percent of the country’s peoples. Despite their minority status, they controlled the top positions in the government, police, and military until the US occupation. The Sunni lorded over the Kurds and Shia. In parts of the capital and in the southern corner known as the Basra province, the populace adhered to the Shiite branch of Islam. The Shia formed about 60 percent of the overall citizenry.

Each one US dollar drop on a barrel cost Iraq $1 billion a year in lost revenues. Hussein interpreted this as a form of economic warfare. From his perspective, Iraq’s stand against the United States as the preeminent imperialist power and Israel as Washington’s outpost was a form of “public goods” in which the rest of the Arab world benefited. 16 A month before Republican Guard armored divisions clanked across the Kuwaiti frontier, Iraq’s president denounced Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates for thrusting a “poisoned dagger” into Iraq’s back by flooding the oil markets to sustain their revenues amid falling world demand.

The decision did demonstrate that even Washington was willing to manipulate a rogue state—in this case Iraq—against another rogue power, Iran. Such is one function of rogue players on the global chessboard. William Jefferson Clinton, who Iraq: Quintessential Rogue State ● 45 succeeded Bush Sr. in the White House, walked away from the idea of using Iraq to offset Iran. The Clinton administration treated both Iraq and Iran as pariahs, as will be analyzed later. From Victory to No-Fly Zones The US wisdom of depending on a seemingly chastened Iraq to be quasicounter to Iran proved transitory.

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