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By James Bailey

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Inside the book, however, were two lasting bombshells. The first bombshell was the interchanging of the earth and sun in Copernicus's diagrams. The swap saved the appearances with fewer epicycles, but it moved the earth off the center stage of the universe, and humankind along with it. The resulting controversy has overshadowed the second bombshell, whose impact was also immense. By also asserting in The Revolutions that his new fictions were not fictions at 44 AFTER THOUGHT all (he claimed that they were true), Copernicus began to give a new centrality to thought.

It will literally change heaven and earth because it will change the way we conceive of them. It was, for example, precisely this kind of intellectual-computational transition that brought Galileo into conflict with the Renaissance Church. When the conflict arose, the Church demanded merely that he restrict himself to saying that the world operated "as if" the earth moved, that the moving earth was just a Copernican contrivance to make the computations easier: To say that by assuming the earth in motion and the sun immobile one saves all the appearances better than the eccentrics and epicycles ever could is to speak well indeed.

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