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By Anthony H. Cordesman

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The Maghreb--Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia--is a sector overburdened by way of pointless army costs. regardless of chronic civil conflicts and militarized regimes in a couple of international locations within the area, there are literally few real exterior threats, and the military are actually mostly used to take care of inner security.

A special country-by-country review of the effectiveness of army forces, and their effect on neighborhood economics, exhibits that the zone is still a mosaic of conflicting nationwide objectives, yet strategic goals were supplanted via inner conflicts, tensions, and politics. Declining army budgets are resulting in declining army energy and power, yet they belie the Maghreb's capability for armed clash and human soreness. although the Maghreb is a provider of oil and usual fuel, which generally guarantees the eye of the West, this tragedy of palms will get little cognizance from the skin global. which means the customers for the area are endured wasteful army spending, and the consequent damage to nationwide monetary and political health.

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In Algeria, the army does not serve the country—it owns it. The army suspended elections in 1992 in order to deny Islamic fundamentalists political control of the country. Since that time, Algeria has been engaged in a confusing, bloody internal conflict between the military government and Islamic extremists. Morocco’s war with the Polisario now ties down its military, and has led to significant economic strains. A civil regime has taken over power from Bourguiba in Tunisia, but the incompetence and profiteering of the civil authorities may lay the groundwork for an eventual military or radical Islamic takeover.

Total equipment holdings for the Iranian land forces include 470 tanks, 620 other armored vehicles, 360 artillery weapons, 40 rocket launchers, and 140 anti-aircraft weapons with the land units of the Revolutionary Guards. Iranian and Iraqi attack helicopters are in the army. Only about 60% of the US supplied fixed wing combat aircraft in Iran are operational and 80% of the Chinese supplied aircraft. Source: Adapted by Anthony H. Cordesman from data provided by US experts and the IISS, Military Balance, various editions.

40,000 116,000 ? 198,500 100,000 198,500 1,500 150,000 248,500 42,000 35,000 23,400 35,000 35,000 12,000 107,000 75,000 - 45,000 25,000 - 175,000 100,000 150,000 325,000 27,000 23,400 27,000 644 559 785 720 84 149 268 600 255 190 39 1,450 0 410 107 123 179 0 115 73 Manpower Total Active (Conscript) Total Regular Royal/Special Guard and Other Total Reserve Total Active and Reserve Paramilitary Land Forces Active Manpower (Conscripts) Reserve Manpower Total Active and Reserve Manpower Main Battle Tanks AIFVs/Armored Cars/Lt.

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