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19 †g4 and Black cannot defend both e-pawn and g-pawn. 19 …a3! This … lift emphasises the failure of Black’s opening strategy. With the a3-f8 diagonal clear for Black’s darksquared ƒ, this manoeuvre would be impossible. f5 20 Èg5 ƒxg5 21 ƒxg5 …d7 (D) XIIIIIIIIY 9-+-+r+k+0 9zpp+r+-+-0 W 9-+p+p+p+0 9wq-+n+pvL-0 9PsnLzP-+-+0 9tR-+-+-+-0 9-zP-+QzPPzP0 9+-+R+-mK-0 xiiiiiiiiy 22 ƒd2! Black is forced to give ground on the queenside because this threatens ƒxd5 followed by †e1.

25 ƒxe4 fxe4 26 …xa3 †xh3 with a decisive attack. Èxb5? Èxb5 is again threatened. Èxb5 22 axb5 ƒxb5 23 †c2 fxe4 24 Èxe4 (D) XIIIIIIIIY 9r+-+r+k+0 9zp-+q+-+p0 B 9-zp-zp-+p+0 9+lzpP+-+-0 9-+-vlN+-+0 9+-+-+-zPP0 9-zPQ+-+L+0 9tR-vLRmK-+-0 xiiiiiiiiy White only needs one more tempo to stave off the attack, but Black makes good use of his spare move to open a 55 new front. e2. …xe4+! 25 ƒxe4 25 †xe4? …e8 would be worse, but now the black † invades. †xh3 26 …xd4 White decides the only hope is to return some material and try to exchange light-squared ƒs.

About this game: Very few roundrobin CC tournaments were held in the 19th century (except in Russia) so this was a pioneering event, slow and chaotic though it was. Charushin states that as Charousek’s father was a telegraph operator, he had the advantage of being able to send moves quickly without even leaving home! In the early middlegame, Maróczy established an advantage. After Csipkés missed a couple of opportunities to create some complications, he was subjected to a demonstration of strategic superiority.

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