Get 60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack: Using the CloudStack PDF

By Sébastien Goasguen

ISBN-10: 1491910135

ISBN-13: 9781491910139

Planning to installation and preserve a public, deepest, or hybrid cloud provider? This cookbook’s convenient how-to recipes assist you fast research and set up Apache CloudStack, besides a number of API consumers, API wrappers, facts architectures, and configuration administration applied sciences that paintings as a part of CloudStack’s ecosystem.

You’ll tips on how to use Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, Fluentd, Libcloud, and several open resource instruments that allow you to construct and function CloudStack higher and speedier. If you’re an skilled programmer, process administrator, or DevOps practitioner acquainted with bash, Git, package deal administration, and a few Python, you’re able to go.

  • Learn simple CloudStack install from resource, together with positive aspects resembling DevCloud, the CloudStack sandbox
  • Get a step by step advisor for fitting CloudStack from programs on Ubuntu 14.04 utilizing KVM
  • Write your individual functions on best of the CloudStack API, utilizing CloudMonkey, Libcloud, jclouds, and CloStack
  • Expose diversified APIs on CloudStack with the EC2Stack, Boto, and Eutester API wrappers
  • Deploy purposes simply, utilizing Puppet, Salt, Ansible, Chef, and Vagrant
  • Dive into cloud tracking and garage with RiakCS, Fluentd, and Apache Whirr

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Finally, we would start an instance with the following call: cloudmonkey>deploy virtualmachine templateid=20d4ebc3-8898-431c-939e-adbcf203acec zoneid=1128bd56-b4d9-4ac6-a7b9-c715b187ce11 serviceofferingid=71004023-bb72-4a97-b1e9-bc66dfce9470 id = 5566c27c-e31c-438e-9d97-c5d5904453dc jobid = 334fbc33-c720-46ba-a710-182af31e76df This is an asynchronous API call which returns a jobid. DeployVMCmd created = 2014-03-05T13:40:18+0100 jobid = 334fbc33-c720-46ba-a710-182af31e76df jobinstanceid = 5566c27c-e31c-438e-9d97-c5d5904453dc jobinstancetype = VirtualMachine jobprocstatus = 0 jobresultcode = 0 jobstatus = 0 userid = 968f6b4e-b382-4802-afea-dd731d4cf9b9 44 | Chapter 3: API Clients Once the machine is being deployed you can list it: > list virtualmachines filter=id,displayname count = 1 virtualmachine: +--------------------------------------+-------------+ | id | displayname | +--------------------------------------+-------------+ | 5566c27c-e31c-438e-9d97-c5d5904453dc | foobar | +--------------------------------------+-------------+ The instance can be stopped and you would see a different state when listing the virtual machines: > stop virtualmachine id=5566c27c-e31c-438e-9d97-c5d5904453dc jobid = 391b4666-293c-442b-8a16-aeb64eef0246 > list virtualmachines filter=id,state count = 1 virtualmachine: +--------------------------------------+---------+ | id | state | +--------------------------------------+---------+ | 5566c27c-e31c-438e-9d97-c5d5904453dc | Stopped | +--------------------------------------+---------+ Depending on your CloudStack setup, create a sshkeypair with create sshkeypair, a securitygroup with create securitygroup, and add some rules to it.

By default, the console proxy VMs will use 1 GB of RAM and the secondary storage VM will use 512 MB. 4 and add the new hypervisor through the dashboard). • Set some overprovisioning factors under Global Settings to greater than 1. • Change the RAM usage of the systemVMs in the database and restart the manage‐ ment server. factor variable and set it to something larger than 1. factor. You will be prompted to restart the management server. 30 | Chapter 2: Installing from Packages To change the RAM usage of the systemVMs, log in on the management server, launch a MySQL shell, and update the service_offering table.

To get started, you will create a zone and follow the dashboard wizard. This wizard will guide you through creating a pod, a cluster, and a host, as well as defining your primary and secondary storage. For more information on this terminology, check the online documentation. 100:8080/client. Replace the IP with the IP of your management server. 7. Configuring a Basic Zone | 27 password password. You can be adventurous and click where you want or keep on fol‐ lowing this recipe. Click the button that says “I have used CloudStack before, skip this guide”; we are going to bypass the wizard.

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