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By Lev Gutman

ISBN-10: 0713486074

ISBN-13: 9780713486070

The 1st in a proposed sequence of 3 books concerning the Scotch online game. Many books were written approximately this chess establishing yet so much simply conceal previous research and reproduce video games from a database. This ebook is special by way of its high quality and unique research, making it a 'must purchase' merchandise for membership and event avid gamers. A former moment of Viktor Korchnoi, the writer is usually referred to as a very good professional on commencing thought.

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Here are two examples: b21l) Kakage1dyev-Yurtaev, USSR 1983 (black queen on e7). f1 4Jd3? (25 ... ) 26 4Jg5! f6 27 d6! adl ~d4 (30 ... bl±. b212) Summerscale-Buckley, Hastings Masters 1995 (black queen on e7, pawns on a2 and a7 and one move less). ae8 28 g3 ~h5? 29 ~xh5 gxh5 30 4Jd6±. b22) 16 ... h6?! ) 17 ... 4Jc5 18 ~xc5 ~xc5 19 e5 dxe5 20 fxe5 4Jd7 (One might suppose that Black has won a tempo compared with variation b 1, but in reality the move ... h7-h6 has just weakened the g6-pawn) 21 e6 4Je5 22 exf7+ 'It>xf7?

Ae 1 Ji,fS (White is winning after 20 ... ctJb6? 21 ttJxe4 ctJxc4 22 ttJf6+ ~f7 23 ctJxe8 ~xe3 24 ttJxd6+ ctJxd6 2S ~xe3) 21 g4! xe3 ~xe3 2S 'it>xe3 and White has an advantage in the ending. 'Wih4+ 12 g3 'Wixg4 ~ae8 If White is not ready for the enormous complications that arise after 10 eS then he can opt for the quieter but no less dangerous 10 ttJd2. White's overall plan is first to finish his deve1- 40 Main Line with 9.. xg4 14 CDbS (14 14 ... 4Ja6! IS CDxd6 (After IS h3?! llxe4+! d2 ~d4+ 21 ~h2 iLc4 Black has more than enough compensation, Panchius-Liberzon, Israel 1983) IS ...

Which promises an advantage for White) 16 ... xd8 17 h3 ltJf6 18 g4! xf3 20 ~xf3 ltJe8 21 0-0 with a clear advantage, Krupkova-Peng, Kishinev Women's Interzonal 1995. d6) 15 ... "ii'xg5 16 ltJxg5 and: d61) 16 ... ) and now: d611) 17 ... ltJf5?! ) 18 ... adl a6 21 ~e2± KniestHeck, Giessen open 1993. d612) 17 ... f5?! 18 ltJe6!? (18 h3 h6?! 19 ltJf3 a6?! ae1 1-0 was Vaisser-Khalafian, Yerevan 1996) 18 ... xe6? (19 ... ae8 22 ltJe4+- ReinemerManiocha, Porz open 1993. d613) 17 ... ltJc2! acl (18 ~adl!?

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