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For the previous 80 years the U.S. army institution has labored to combine air strength into its doctrine, approach, strength constitution, and strategies so as to maximize the nation's protection. This research through Dr. Richard Davis, ready for the place of work of Air strength background, highlights one element of this method, that of offering the main powerful mixture of military and air forces to prosecute floor struggle.

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20 On March 11, 1966, the Army announced it would purchase large numbers of the AH-1 HueyCobra; it became operational in Vietnam in November 1967. 22 of March 18, 1957. This did not calm the fears of the Air Force, which apparently realized the potential threat behind Secretary McNamara's support of the armed helicopter-the loss of the entire close air support function to the Army. Led by General McConnell, the Air Force strongly supported the concept of more Air Force responsiveness to the Army's need for close air support aircraft.

34 Chapter II The 31 Initiatives and Their Formulation The Processes Behind the Initiatives 1 The public announcement of the 31 Initiatives by the Chiefs of Staff of the Air Force and Army at a Pentagon press conference on May 22, 1984, concluded the formal process that began thirteen months earlier. On April 21, 1983, General Charles A. C. ,,2 FM 100-5 is the Army's keystone battle manual, describing how its formations will fight. The two services pledged to commence joint efforts to Increase integration of Army and Air Forces in tactical field training and command post exercises.

In the covering agreement the Chiefs wrote: The Army and the Air Force view this MOA as the initial step in the establishment of a long-term, dynamic process whose objective will continue to be the fielding of the most affordable and effective airland combat forces. Consequently, the joint agreements embodied in the attached initiatives will be updated and reviewed by the services annually to confirm their continued advisability, feasibility and We will expand this MOA (and adequacy. attachments) to include future joint initiatives as appropriate.

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